What Does Social Security Want to Know About Me?

In order to approve your disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will take a look at three primary pieces of information about you. These will all be considered in tandem, along with other information, to determine whether or not you receive Social Security disability benefits. Remember that you can appeal this process if you are denied but, from the start, making sure you have the right paperwork and right information submitted vastly increases the chances that your claim will be approved sooner.

As soon as you apply for Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will take a look at your medical records. Medical records will be used to determine whether or not you have a viable medical condition and how severe the condition is. What they will be looking for is proof that your medical condition prevents you from working in the way you are able before you suffer the condition and that it also prevents you from seeking another form of employment that could support you. A Palatine disability attorney can help you with this, if the need arises.

The administration will also take a look at your work history. The idea here is to take a look at your limitations and your work history to see if your disability really impacts your ability to do the type of work in which you were employed before.

If your doctor makes a statement about your disability, it will be considered. Make certain, however, that the doctor’s statement actually specifies how much limitation there is on you because of the medical condition with which you suffer. The information has to be specific. For example, “problems lifting” is not a specific limitation but the inability to lift more than 50 pounds is specific.

Your information will all be considered together to determine whether or not you’re eligible for Social Security benefits of any kind.

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