The Social Security Administration uses many different criteria to determine whether or not a person is actually disabled. When they make this determination, however, they are also using a particular definition of the word disabled. If you are wondering about whether or not you should apply for Social Security benefits, you’ll want to understand a little bit about how they make the determination as to whether or not you are actually disabled.

In order to have a disability, you must have some sort of a limitation. This limitation has to be established by a credible source. For example, if you had a bad back injury that prevented you from working, your doctor would have to establish that there were limitations on your movement and mobility because of that back injury. If your former employment was pouring concrete, the doctor may, for example, have to establish that you are limited to working with an amount of weight that makes it impossible for you to return to your former employment. This would be establishing that there is a limitation on you that can be clearly defined and understood and that has a meaningful impact on your ability to keep productive employment.

Remember that, in order to give you the assistance you need, the Social Security Administration needs to know that you really do have a specific limitation. The paperwork to fill out and the records that they request are designed to help them do this. If you have been denied a claim and you do suffer a condition that places a limitation on you that makes it impossible for you to work, you can appeal the claim and have a Chicago attorney help you at a hearing so that they can meet you in person and determine whether or not your disability claim should be honored and you should receive benefits.