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The application phase of receiving disability benefits can be the most important phase. If your application is completed incorrectly, it can entirely stop an individual from ever receiving the disability benefits they deserve. The critical areas claimants make mistakes in are how they apply, how they answer the initial questionnaires and how they treat the people at the Social Security Administration (SSA).

There are at least four ways to apply for Social Security benefits. You can apply in writing, you can apply on the phone,  you can apply over the internet and you can apply in person. One of the main things we try to do early in the case is determine what would be the best way for an individual to apply. Each of these four forms of applying has advantages and disadvantages.

One of the reason we want to meet with our client’s face to face is that we want to determine which method applying for ssd benefits  is the best for their particular disabilities.

After a claimant files an application they typically receive at least 2 questionnaires. One is called a work history questionnaire. It is very important that this questionnaire is completed with the exact information the SSA is seeking. Filling this questionnaire out wrong could eventually cause a claimant to lose their case. A very important thing to realize about this form and that a claimant should realize is that the SSA documents your work history from your tax information.  This is form 3369 Work History Report.

 The other form that is very important and somewhat tricky to complete correctly is the FUNCTION REPORT – ADULT form 3373. There are many people who are employed at the SSA.. Some are nice and  professional in  trying to help you get your claim approved. There are SSA employees who are not so nice and who are unprofessional. They aren’t really trying to help you get your claim approved.

We try and relieve the burden of applying for SSD benefits for our clients by handling as many of the calls from the SSA  as possible. We understand that the process can be very stressful  and we try to help as much as possible.

The best opportunity for people to ensure they have a strong case is to get legal  help in before submitting an application for their SSD benefits. This is because we can be effective at winning cases early if the proper information is provided to the SSA.

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