During the process of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits there are many terms which may feel challenging or confusing to claimants. We have prepared an SSDI glossary of common terms you will find when navigating paperwork, court hearings, and the levels of approval.

This is the form that starts a claimant’s Social Security Disability case.

This report was created to get detailed information regarding a claimant’s work history, earnings history, and medical condition.

Allows the SSA to request and receive information about a claimant’s medical history in addition to other confidential information.

A case evaluation performed by an attorney’s office helps an attorney to determine whether the claimant is disabled based on the Social Security rules and if the claimant has a chance to qualify for SSD benefits.

Allows the SSA to target those claimants who are the most disabled and allows for disability benefits to be granted to those persons soon after they apply for SSD benefits.

A review conducted by the SSA to determine if an applicant is still eligible to receive Social Security Disability Benefits. You will receive form Form SSA-455, the Disability Update Report, from the SSA to complete and return within 30 days of receipt.

Blue book impairment listings contain guidelines for evaluating specific medical conditions.

A document that helps prove your claim that your disability negatively impacts your ability to work.

These establish rules for determining a claimant’s ability to work.

The date a claimant became disabled.

A method that uses a predictive computer program to analyze factors in a claimant’s electronic file to determine if he will most likely be found disabled under the SSA’s rules.

This is an assessment of what kind of work the claimant is able to do and what the claimant is too limited to do due to their disability.

The monthly benefit  owed to a claimant from the onset of his disability until he is awarded benefits.

The  SSA converts your job earnings into work credits to decide  whether a claimant has worked long enough to qualify for SSD benefits.

A questionnaire required by the SSA for applicants to complete that helps the SSA determine the severity of impact that your disability has on your ability to conduct daily work/life functions.

This program provides cash assistance to residents who are unable to work due to disability. It is a state-run program.

A claimant will receive a technical denial when she does not meet the SSA’s basic, non-medical criteria for SSD benefits.

A form used by the SSA to help determine how the claimant’s disability affects their ability to work and perform daily functions, completed by a third party.

Used to allow the workers’ compensation payment to be amortized over his life expectancy.

This form requests  details about a claimant’s job duties and the impact your disability has on your ability to perform said duties. It also requests information on wages, education and any job training.

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