Social Security Disability Benefits in Palatine, IL

Having a job is a necessity to pay bills and your rent or mortgage to live an independent life.  However, if you are unable to work due to an illness or disability, making ends meet to live your life becomes nearly impossible.  If a documented disability or illness is preventing you from working 40 hours per week, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Social Security Administration (SSA) through the Social Security Disability Program.  This financial assistance will allow you to pay your bills as you focus on improving your health.

Our disability attorneys at Good Law Group can help obtain Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for those who are ill or disabled in Palatine, IL.  Our attorneys have over 30 years of legal experience and we will work diligently to prove your need for disability assistance and get you the benefits you are entitled to.  We provide knowledgeable advice to help you with every step from applying for disability benefits to the Federal appeal process.

Our caring and experienced social security disability lawyers can provide you with a free case evaluation to talk about your eligibility.  You can call us at (847) 577-4476 to talk to our attorneys in Palatine, IL or submit a contact form.  You will not pay anything out of pocket unless we successfully obtain your SSD or SSI benefits.

Why Talk to a Disability Attorney?

If you are too ill or disabled to work, then your health and your livelihood depend on obtaining SSD benefits.  It helps to work with an attorney that specializes in social security disability because obtaining these benefits is a very complex process and it has its own legal system, including courts and judges, that is separate from the main legal system.  You need to trust that the attorneys you are working with understand Social Security Disability Law to give you the best chance of obtaining your SSD or SSI benefits.

Our attorneys are focused and experienced when it comes to navigating to process of obtaining SSD and SSI benefits.  We have more than 30 years of legal experience handling only social security disability cases and we will work to prove your eligibility for these benefits.  You will also benefit by working with our local attorneys as we will be able to meet with you face-to-face to work on the details of your case.  We also know the local system very well, including judges, workers in the Social Security offices, family lawyers, and health care providers, which will help us better navigate your case.

First Time SSD Applicants

Let Our Disability Attorneys Help You Apply for SSD Benefits

Applying for Social Security Disability can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are applying for the first time.  This process is already complicated and dealing with an injury or illness while worrying about the financial security of you and your family can make the process very overwhelming.  You must submit all of the proper documentation along with your application without making any mistakes or you will likely get denied.  The Social Security Administration denies 65 percent of applications and 91 percent of the applications denied are submitted for reconsideration or first level appeal.
Social Security Disability Benefits in Palatine, IL
Making sure your SSD application is complete and accurate with the proper documentation is the best way to avoid denial in your first application.  If your application is denied, you will have to go through a long appeals process which will delay the benefits that you need to support yourself and your family.  Our attorneys understand why SSD applications are often denied and we will make sure that you provide the right information and documentation to give you a better chance of approval.  By hiring our social security disability lawyers before applying for SSD benefits, you can increase your chance of being approved and start receiving the benefits you need to support your family.

Our disability attorneys can help with the following:

  • First time application: If you have never applied for SSD benefits before, our attorneys will help you complete your application and provide all of the necessary documentation to increase your chance of approval.
  • Reconsideration: If your application is denied, our attorneys can help request reconsideration for your application. We will file your notice of intent to appeal and meet with the disability reconsideration review officer with you while they review your application.
  • Hearing: If you have a hearing scheduled for your SSD benefits, our lawyers will attend these hearings and advocate on your behalf.
  • Appeals: If your application is denied at the hearing, you can file an appeal to have your case heard by the Appeals Council. Our attorneys can help you present your case to the council of administrative appeals judges.
  • Federal appeal: If the Appeals Council refuses to hear your case or denies your benefits, you will have to go through a complicated Federal appeals process. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate this process and fight for your SSD benefits.

Social Security Disability Attorneys in Palatine, IL

If you need legal representation to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Palatine, IL, contact our attorneys at Good Law Group by calling (847) 577-4476.  Remember, you will not pay any out of pocket fees unless we successfully obtain your benefits.

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Through the process pretty seamlessly; while Kathryn was always there to respond to all my emails and questions in a timely manner.

I recently had my hearing where the “medical expert” wasn’t commenting on my specific illness but a generalization of a form of my illness. Mr. Good not only called him out on it, he pointed him to several references throughout my medical records causing the doctor to reverse his decision.

I highly recommend Shawn Good and Good Law. I have referred several friends to them and I will continue to.

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Shawn is a pleasure to work with he is very professional. This is the person I would highly recommend being on your side.

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The Good Law Group including the Father/Son Team of Neil and Shawn were a great asset to my case. If you are in need of an Attorney, I can Highly recommended this Group. Both Attorney’s and their entire staff were caring, kind, prompt in returning calls and very professional. They receive 5 stars from me!

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To schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced and caring Illinois Social Security Disability Lawyer, contact our office today. There are no out of pocket cost and no fees unless we are successful in helping you obtain benefits.