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SSD benefits are available to people who are too disabled to work but who have contributed to the Social Security fund through previous employment.  Those who are disabled and haven’t worked recently enough are not eligible for SSD benefits but may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.  SSI disability benefits are funded by general tax revenue and offered as a federal needs-based program to help low-income people who cannot work due to a disability with cash benefits.

Eligibility for SSI Benefits

U.S. residents may be eligible for SSI benefits if they are 65 years old or older, blind, or disabled and have limited or no income.  Children under the age of 18 may also be eligible if they are diagnosed with a physical or mental impairment that meets the definition of disabled from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Asset and Income Requirements for SSI

Because SSI benefits are need based, there are strict limits on income and assets to be eligible for SSI benefits.  An individual must have less than $2000 in assets and couples must have less than $3000 in assets as well as a limited income to qualify.  The income limit is determined by the federal benefit rate (FBR) and your monthly income cannot exceed this limit to be eligible.  If you do earn income from employment, less than half your monthly earnings are counted towards the limit.

Household income also factors into your eligibility for SSI benefits.  For those who are married, the income of both spouses is counted, even if one spouse is applying for SSI benefits, but only part of the spouse’s income will be counted with that of the applicant.  For those under 18, part of the income of their parents is counted towards the limit.

Amount of SSI Benefits

The dollar amount of SSI benefits is determined by the FBR and there are two different amounts: one for individuals and one for couples.  Where an applicant lives, and their monthly income will also be factored into the dollar amount of the SSI benefits.  You can deduct a certain amount of your monthly income before it is subtracted from your SSI benefits through the earned income exclusion.  The SSA will also subtract in-kind support and maintenance such as shelter and food that you do not need to pay for from your benefits.

Illinois SSI Supplemental Payment

Those who receive SSI payments in Illinois may be eligible for additional benefits from the state supplemental payment (SSP) or Aged, Blind, and Disabled Cash Assistance (AABD) program.  The Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) administers SSP benefits.  The SSI supplement is calculated by subtracting monthly maintenance costs from SSI benefits and other sources of monthly income.

Apply for SSI

You can apply for SSI benefits through the online disability application, over the phone, or by visiting a local SSA office.  You can also have an SSI lawyer make an appointment for you to apply or help with your SSI application.  You can apply for AABD Case Assistance at the Illinois DHS website or at a local DHS office.

SSI applications involve a lot of paperwork and may require you to go to court hearings.  Our attorneys at Good Law Group can assist you with your SSI application and represent you through the process, including at your court hearings.

Chicago SSI Lawyer

Putting the SSD Program To Work For You

Struggling to provide a comfortable life for your family when you are unable to work can be emotionally draining. Whether you have been injured and are unable to return to work for 12 months, or you are living with a disability or illness that prevents you from working a 40-hour work week, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits — financial assistance that may be vital to your family’s survival.

Social Security Disability Process

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Comprehensive Advice on the Initial SSD Application Process

After carefully reviewing your case, our staff will offer the advice you need to effectively complete the SSD application process in an ethical manner that offers the highest chance for approval.

The SSD application process can be completed in one of three ways, over the phone, on the Internet or in person. Our staff will offer experienced advice on the proper filing method for your specific situation, giving you the best chance to avoid mistakes and obtain the benefits you need without delays.

Guidance Throughout the Complex SSD Process

SSD benefits are based on a large number of factors, including your health, your ability to work, your work history and your past income. Our staff offers the advice you need to present your case and medical history in the best light possible, giving you the greatest chance for approval. With our help, you may be able to obtain the benefits you need in an effort to eliminate some of the financial pressures you face.

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