Why do Attorneys Matter in Social Security Appeals?

If you’re thinking that the reason most people get turned down for Social Security disability benefits to which they are likely entitled is simply injustice, think again. Many of the people who get turned down get turned down because they fail to turn in all of the paperwork that they needed. The Social Security disability process is one that hinges upon evidence. You will simply not be approved if you do not present the proper evidence when you apply for disabilities. Part of the role of an attorney is to understand this bureaucracy and to help you navigate it successfully. This is probably harder than you think or, if you’ve already been turned down for benefits, harder than you thought.

If you’re turned down in your initial application, you have the option of going to a disability hearing. This is the second part of the appeal process. People who have an attorney have an advantage when going to this hearing. The advantages not that their attorney can make an impassioned argument for them – though they probably could, if needed – but that the attorney will understand what paperwork is needed and will make certain that it is all prepared and filled out properly before the hearing. An attorney will understand what the Social Security Administration needs to hear from you and will make certain that, not only does your paperwork accurately detail your situation, but that they also have someone there who can answer any of their questions right away.

This is a vital part of winning any Social Security appeals. If you don’t have an Chicago Social Security attorneywith you, chances are that you’re not going to have fixed whatever problem it was with your claim that got you denied initially. Having an attorney review your application and present your case can make it much more likely that you’ll win your claim.

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