Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides income support to people who are unable to work or are restricted at work because of a disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies a large number of SSDI claims — around 77 percent, according to one source — and many people file an appeal. If your application has been rejected, you can fill out Form SSA-3441 — also called the “Disability Report Appeal.” Follow the steps on this list when filling out your form.

1. Print the Form

First, you need to print Form SSA-3441 on the SSA’s website. You can find the form here. Appealing your denied claim for SSDI can sometimes take several months, so it’s important to print and fill out your form as soon as you receive your rejection letter from the SSA.
Alternatively, you can file your appeal online here. The SSA won’t settle your appeal any quicker, but you can save the time it takes to mail your form.

2. Fill Out the Form

Once you have printed your form, answer the questions in black ink. You will probably notice that the information requested on the form is similar to the information you filled out when you first applied for SSDI.
Work your way through each section of the form. The first part will ask you to fill out your contact information, such as your name, address, phone number, and Social Security number. The second part asks you to provide information about your contacts — people who know about your medical condition.
Complete each section of the form and answer the questions accurately. You will need to answer every question. If you need additional space to write a comment, use Section 10 of the form.

3. Provide Details of Your Medical Condition

You will need to provide details of your medical condition and the reason you are appealing your denied SSDI claim. It is important that these details are accurate. If you write down incorrect information, it could delay your appeal.
The SSA will also ask you to provide details of your healthcare providers and any medication that you take.
If you didn’t provide the SSA with your medical records when you made your claim for SSDI, you can include these documents with your form. You can send your medical records with your completed form in the mail or take them to your local Social Security office. If you don’t have copies of your medical records, you don’t need to contact your healthcare provider. The SSA will obtain your records from your healthcare provider with your permission.

4. Double Check Your Medical Condition Information

Once you have answered all the questions on the form, go back and read it again. Make sure you have provided the correct information about your medical condition and appeal.
If you need help filling out your form, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice. The Good Law Group can provide you with the guidance you need when applying for or appealing SSDI benefits.

5. Mail Your Form SSA-3441 to the SSA

Once you have completed your form, you will need to send it to your local Social Security office. You can do this by sending your form in the mail or taking it your local office in person.
You can find the mailing address of your local Social Security office here.
If you want to appeal a rejected SSDI claim, you will need to fill out Form SSA-3441. You can find this form on the SSA’s website. Need help filling out your form? Contact the Good Law Group, who can help obtain the right Social Security benefits.