At the Good Law Group, we frequently get asked by applicants if they can still work while applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits. Situational questions like limited hours, limited work, side work, and governmental programs are factors that make applicants feel like they are exceptions to the rule. Our short answer is if you are newly applying for SSD Benefits and seeking work or you have been approved for benefits but are deciding whether to work, don’t make the decision lightly, it could result in you losing SSD benefits or being denied benefits.

We have covered this topic before in previous posts and more detail. Get specific answers to your SSD questions within our written works.

Can You Work Part-Time and Receive SSD Benefits?

This blog post covers the topic of part-time work and substantial gainful activity. It also discusses a trial work period and reporting requirements.

What Changes In Your Circumstances Can Affect Your Eligibility for SSD Benefits?

This post discusses factors that can affect your benefits such returning to work while receiving benefits, medical improvement, when a disabled child reaches adulthood, reaching retirement age, marital status, the death of the beneficiary, and any major changes in your living situation.

Understanding Continuing Disability Reviews

The SSA does evaluate your medical condition (any improvements to the same) and your work status. Learn more about what to expect from a Continuing Disability Review (CDR).

What You Need to Know About Work History Requirements When Applying for SSD Benefits

Learn about how the SSA reviews an applicant’s medical evidence and his or her work history to determine if an applicant is able to earn a living wage.

Do you need even more information regarding Social Security Disability Benefits and going back to work? Ensure that you are working with a qualified SSD attorney who can navigate you through employment and the many other questions that arise during the SSD process.