Does Social Security deny disability benefits to save government money? Some people have this belief that the Social Security Administration may, at times, prioritize cost-saving over ensuring that those in need receive the benefits they deserve. What’s the truth about this, and how does the government actually decide disability benefit claims? To learn the answer to these questions, watch this short video.


On the surface, the Social Security Administration isn’t supposed to deny benefits solely to cut government costs. They should base their decisions on whether an individual meets the criteria for disability under the law. However, their regulations are designed to minimize the number of people who receive benefits, which can give the impression that they are attempting to save money. Even from my perspective, it seems like they are tightening their budget.

In reality, Social Security is supposed to adhere to the law when deciding benefit claims and not reject them to save money. I understand that many people remain skeptical about whether the government’s cost-saving efforts impact benefit approvals.

While it might sometimes feel that way, the administration should ideally base its decisions on the case’s facts and the law in question. If your loved one requires assistance with their Social Security disability case, please feel free to reach out to us at (847) 577-4476.