How many times do you have to call the Social Security Administration to get the correct answer to a question?

Recently I had a new client come into my office who didn’t think he was going to have a case for SSD.  He called the Social Security Administration(SSA) to ask them if he was receiving short term disability from his employer could he also receive Social Security Disability benefits at the same time. The SSA told him he was not eligible for SSD benefits if he was already getting disability from his employer. This statement is simply false.

The only time there is even a set off for SSD benefits is if the claimant has a worker’s compensation case. This is different for SSI as almost everything is a setoff.  Some people like teachers don’t qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. There are certain cases where the windfall elimination provision(WEP) requires a set off.

Another problem claimants experience when they call the Social Security office and ask a question is that the SSA won’t put the answer in writing. There is nothing a claimant can do about that other than hope the answer that was given was the correct answer.

The suggestion I make to people who call and ask me what to do is to call the SSA three times. If you get the same answer three times then it is probably the correct answer.  Typically if you call three times you won’t get the same person on the phone each time. So if three different people give the same answer then the answer is probably correct.

There are also two main places to call. The main number for the SSA is #800-772-1213. There is a phone number on online to your local SSA office.

At my law office we are very careful to never answer a question unless we know the answer. We only handle disability cases so most of the information we provide to people relates to obtaining disability benefits.  If it is something other than a Social Security Disability benefits case we charge by the hour to do research to get the answer. We put the answer in writing and cite the law that we are relying on.

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