There are many factors that are beyond your control that can cause you to win or lose your Social Security Disability (SSD) case. One of these factors is the judge for your case. Some judges are more conservative when granting benefits to claimants and some are more liberal.

These numbers for judges who are conservative versus those who are liberal when granting SSD benefits vary widely. I have seen judges who grant as low as 8% of a claimant’s benefit and I have seen judges that grant as high as 99% of a claimant’s benefits.

There is a website called This website provides administrative law judge case statistics. It tells you the percentage of cases each judge has found favorably for the claimant, the percentage of cases each judge has denied claimants benefits, and the percentage of cases each judge has dismissed. also has a comment section for each judge.  These comments are from claimants who have appeared in front of a judge and have noted the judge’s behavior during the hearing. The comments sometimes include the individual judge’s procedures or specific questions the judge might ask.  I recommend that you visit this site and research your judge as it may give you some insight as to how to prepare for a hearing.

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