11538688_sWhen asked what the first words are that come to mind when you hear the term “filing for Social Security claims,” you probably will respond with terms such as “paperwork,” “appeals,” “hearings,” and “frustration.” That is because it is by no means a smooth road for many genuinely disabled individuals who attempt to file for the benefits they deserve. Believe it or not, according to the Disability Secrets website approximately 70 percent of those nationwide who apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA) are denied.

With this track record, it’s no wonder so many deserving individuals who have worked hard for many years become too intimidated to apply for these monthly support checks now that they have become physically or mentally disabled. That is precisely why consumers with newly diagnosed disabilities should seek representation from a qualified attorney who can assist them with these matters. After all, it is your right, and even SSA

What can a Social Security attorney actually do to help you? This legal professional is familiar with the ins and outs of the judicial system and of SSA. She knows how to communicate your story and unique situation in the most favorable way possible. In addition, she is aware of what records and documents need to be obtained and will help you get them in a timely fashion. Here are just a few of the that your lawyer will be your ally throughout the entire application and appeals process, obtaining the evidence you need and representing you at your hearing. She will even help you to prepare in advance for any questions the judge might ask you. By ensuring that your paperwork is complete, your evidence is compelling and that you are ready for any and all questions, your Social Security attorney truly can increase your chances of success.

A person who is represented by an attorney has been found to have a much greater probability of ultimately receiving the benefits he deserves. For this reason, it makes sense to take a little time to find a lawyer with whom you can work throughout your application process. Taking this step can go a long way toward providing you with the benefits and security you deserve.