Applying for social security disability (SSD) means a lot of paperwork. Whether you apply online, over the phone or in person at your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office, there are a number of forms that must be completed in order to open an SSD case.

Keep in mind that these forms request similar information. It is therefore extremely important that your answers are consistent across all forms; inconsistencies can cause delays in your application while the disability determination examiner seeks to clarify the discrepancies, or they may decrease your application’s credibility. Your SSD attorney can help you complete these forms.

Application for Disability Benefits

The Application for Disability Insurance Benefits (Form SSA-16- BK) begins your SSD case. It asks for information regarding your birth and citizenship, family history, veteran and employment status, work and earnings history, and medical conditions. This checklist outlines all of the information you will need to complete the application. All documents provided must be an original or certified copy.

Adult Disability Report

The Adult Disability Report (Form SSA-3368- BK) is an 11-page document designed to gather more detailed information regarding your medical condition, earnings history, work history and individuals (medical and non-medical) with knowledge of your condition. The report has several sections that asks for information on the following:

 Personal information, such as date of birth and contact numbers;

 Contact information for at least one individual (other than a medical provider) with

knowledge of your medical condition;

 Your medical condition(s);

 Work activity, including any changes you have had to make in your job due to your


 Education and training;

 Jobs history for up to the last five jobs you’ve had in the 15 years prior to becoming

unable to work;

 Medication taken, including name, dose and frequency;

 Treatment received for your condition, including all doctor’s and ER visits and overnight hospital stays;

 Other medical information, and;

 Remarks, which allows you to add anything else you believe is relevant to helping the SSA evaluate your eligibility.

Be as detailed as possible when completing the adult disability report, adding additional pages and supporting documentation as necessary. The more complete and accurate the information provided, the better the chances that your SSD application will be approved.

Work History Report

The Work History Report (Form SSA-3369- BK) deals exclusively with your work history. If you have had more than 5 jobs in the 15 years prior to becoming disabled, you will be able to include all of this information on the Work History Report (as compared to the Adult Disability Report, which only has space for five prior jobs).

The Work History Report requests, for each of your prior jobs, details about your specific duties and how your disability impacts your ability to complete them, wages, education and job training.

Why is Filling out the SSA-3369 Form Crucial?

I’ll discuss why filling the form out correctly is so important and walk you through the steps to do so – watch the video:


Authorization to Disclose Information

The Authorization to Disclose Information (Form SSA 827) grants permission to the Social Security Administration to receive and request your medical history and other confidential information. Your case cannot proceed without it.

Failure to complete and/or submit any of the required forms will result in your application being delayed or denied.

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