6831603_sPart of the process to apply for Social Security Disability is filling out forms and a single error on just one of them could result in a denial of benefits. Therefore, it is imperative that people who are applying for benefits should take the time to understand how these forms should be completed, especially the SSD report form.

Don’t leave anything blank

The first thing to know is that the Social Security Administration does not want any section or line left blank. Incomplete forms can lead to an unnecessary denial by the SSA and it is estimated that a large portion of denials are linked to incomplete paperwork. People should carefully go line by line on the form to make sure that they don’t overlook a box or a line.

It is okay if people do not know the answer to a question on the disability report form. When this happens, the SSA requires them to write the following:

  • Does not apply
  • None
  • Don’t know

By filling in the box with this information, people are telling the evaluator that the question may not relate to their situation or they simply can’t remember a doctor’s name or the dates of any emergency room visits.

Be accurate

The SSA uses this form to request medical records and any inaccurate information could jeopardize the status of the applicants’ process. Most people have kept their insurance billing statements and medical receipts and this should provide them with important data such as the doctor’s name, address and phone number. The SSA is not likely to conduct research if a zip code or phone number was written down incorrectly so people should be sure to double-check the information they are writing down.

Sometimes, people inadvertently downplay the impact of their disability but this can be a costly mistake. When writing out the information on the form, it is always best for applicants to point out the difficulties that they have experienced with their disability. They should remember any pain, cognitive difficulties in following directions, emotional stress, stiffness and other symptoms related to their condition. For example, someone with a brain injury and who struggles with concentration issues should stress this on their form and how it affects their ability to work.

Get help

Filling out the disability report form can be time consuming and even confusing for some people. To avoid unnecessary delays, and even a possible denial, people applying for SSD should get help from an experienced attorney. The attorney can advise them what to include on the report to strengthen their claim for benefits.