Can I Speed Up the Social Security Claims Process?

Generally speaking, you can do very little to make the Social Security claim go any faster. In fact, the only way you can honestly say that a person can speed up the rate at which the claim is processed is by making certain that they have everything they need submitted when they put the claim in for the initial application. Beyond that, there is very little that one can do. There is something called a dire need request, which can speed up claims under certain circumstances. These are very specific circumstances, however, and are only factors at certain points during the application process.

The Social Security Administration is an enormous bureaucracy that a Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyercan help you navigate. There is really little that anyone can do to make the application process goes through the administration any faster than it will on its own. During points in the process where a hearing is to be held, however, a dire need request may actually be of some benefit. While the speed with which the application is processed cannot be made any faster, a hearing date can be scheduled sooner if there is a pressing need on the part of the person applying. Examples of why people would file a dire need request would include losing their home, losing their apartment, not being able to provide for their children, and other crises.

Getting Social Security benefits can be an agonizingly long process. In some situations, however, filing a dire need request may be a good idea. You can’t make the paperwork go any faster but, if your claim is denied and goes to a hearing, you can always count on that hearing being scheduled closer in time. If you are in the process of appealing a denied claim, your lawyer can explain to you all of different aspects of the claims process and the amount of time typically takes to get an answer on any given claim.

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