doctorWhen it comes to winning your Social Security disability case, your doctor can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Just because someone has a medical degree and years of experience, that does not necessarily mean that he or she will give you the support you need when dealing with the Social Security Administration. As you have most likely already learned, applying for disability benefits is by no means a straightforward process. The truth is that many physicians have absolutely no idea what information the Social Security Administration is looking for. As the person who stands to win or lose the most, it is vital that you and your Chicago, Illinois-based Social Security attorney take the time to gather and document any and all information related to your disabling health condition. Ensuring that your doctor keeps thorough, ongoing records of your health is vital, as is taking control of your own destiny by optimizing your chances of victory at your disability hearing.

In order to help ensure that your doctor provides the verification you need to get the results you want, you can be your own best advocate. Ask your doctor to provide the following information:

  • Get a written statement that describes how your disability prevents you from doing basic tasks. Ask him or her to complete a residual functional capacity (RFC) form, which will clearly indicate how your disability prevents you from completing the everyday tasks necessary for you to work.
  • Make sure your doctor agrees with and supports your disability claim and is reliable when it comes to submitting paperwork in a timely fashion.
  • Switch doctors if you can’t count on your physician’s timely assistance.
  • Get a letter of support from each of the doctors who treats you for your disabling condition.

Your doctor has probably been a valued source of information and resources as you grapple with the difficulties associated with your disabling condition. Now that you are applying for benefits, it is time to put this relationship to work. Your physician’s testimony can give your case the weight and credibility that will help you obtain the benefits you need and deserve.