The process of receiving your social security benefits should be simple and error free but there are pitfalls that can cause you to get the wrong amount of monthly benefits or cause a delay in getting your monthly benefits.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that you will get the correct amount of benefits in a timely manner:

  • Before you apply for your Social Security benefits set up an account at
  • Check your Social Security earnings record to make sure it is correct. The Social Security Administration (SSA) stopped mailing statements in 2011.
  • Visit your local Social Security District Office with your tax returns and have them correct the error(s) if your Social security benefit amount is incorrect. You don’t want to start correcting the error(s) after you start receiving your Social Security benefits because it will complicate things.
  • Apply online or in person at the local district office when you know the information that Social Security has about your earnings is correct,
  • Take action immediately. Don’t wait until the month before you want to start receiving your Social Security benefits in case there is a problem, such as the wrong amount or missing account information.


If everything is done correctly and the SSA has all of the correct information it should take less than 60 days before your Social Security benefits begin.

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