Are you unsure about what to expect at your physical consultative exam for Social Security disability? These exams can be confusing and sometimes incomplete, leaving you with unexpected results. I’ll share essential tips and a helpful questionnaire to ensure you are fully prepared. Knowing what to bring and what to expect can make all the difference. Watch the video to learn more.


A consultative exam is often required because Social Security needs more information than what is available in your medical records. They hire a doctor to perform this examination. 

However, these doctors do not always conduct a thorough exam. Often, they spend only a few minutes with you and then write a report that includes activities they never asked you to perform, such as hopping on one foot.

To help you prepare, we’ve included a sample questionnaire to this video, which our clients fill out after their exam. This questionnaire covers what the doctor should have tested, including standing, sitting, gripping, and pulling. 

If the doctor doesn’t perform these tests, you should complete the questionnaire with your attorney and submit it to Social Security. It’s also important to bring any assistive devices, such as a walker or cane, to the exam in case you’ve been needing those.

I hope this information has been helpful. If you need assistance with a Social Security disability case, please contact us by phone at (800) 419-7606.