Common Social Security Disability application mistakes

7179948_sApplying for Social Security Disability benefits is a lengthy and complicated task. Many people in Illinois may overlook important details, which results in a denial of their claim. In fact, it is estimated that only a third of all first-time disability applications are approved. To prevent becoming one of the two-thirds that are denied, it is important for people to be aware of the following errors:

Inaccurately depicting a disability

It is often difficult for people who are healthy and active to admit that they can no longer do certain tasks or be self-sufficient. Yet, failing to accurately describe the impact that a disability has can put people’s applications in jeopardy. People need to be honest on their application about the limitations the disability has placed on their life. For example, it is important to point out if a disability interferes with driving, walking, using one’s hands or even the care of children.

Underestimating the application process

Many Social Security Disability claims are denied because people simply do not understand how the process for disability benefits claims works. In order to apply, people must show that their condition prevents them from accomplishing the simplest work tasks and they are not making more than the income guideline allows them to each month. If people meet these two requirements, then they must be able to show that their disability is going to be in existence for at least 12 months, that they are unable to work in any type of job or employment environment, and that the disability is on the Social Security Administration’s disabling conditions list.

Lack of work duties description

People often fail to understand the importance of explaining what their employer requires them to do and why they cannot perform the job.  It is important to keep in mind that claim decisions are based off of the information that is presented in the application paperwork. If work duties descriptions are vague, the evaluator may have no choice but to deny the claim. For instance, a person who works in a warehouse may be required to lift 50 pounds for their job, but the disability prevents the person from lifting anything above 20.

Failure to seek medical help

Some people think that they can receive disability benefits without seeking medical care but this can result in a denial. To avoid a potential issue with the application, people should be sure to notify Social Security why they have not seen a doctor. These reasons can include lack of insurance, religious beliefs that express a disbelief in medical care, medical insurance that does not provide enough coverage, or lack of access to medical care that is low-cost or free.

By educating themselves on the common errors made, the information that Social Security requires and acquiring legal representation, people can avoid unnecessary denials on their disability claim.

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