We’ve published many blog posts on the topic of SSD benefits and what to expect after you have applied and been approved to receive SSD benefits. There are many articles and questions around the topic of initial application for benefits, but there are many questions that arise after an applicant has been approved.

Here’s what to expect after you get approved for benefits. Watch the video.


Here is a round up of our top blog posts that cover this issue:

Approved for SSD Benefits—Now What?

This blog post discusses Notice of Award, CDR (Continuing Disability Review), Social Security Disability Back Pay, Payment of Attorney’s Fees and Duty To Report. It is a summary overview of sometimes overlooked factors post application and approval.


Understanding Payment of Benefits

We have a couple of posts to help you understand payment of benefits. The first blog post I will point you to discusses expedited and late payments. The second blog post covers circumstances in which payments can be garnished. Another important post to review discusses how your Social Security Disability payments are calculated . Of course we would be remiss without pointing you to this post that covers timing of receiving your payments.


A Deeper Dive into Social Security Disability Benefits

We have some other suggested reading for you. Sometimes your situation may change from initial application to approval. Learn about Continuing Disability Reviews in this post. What if your marital situation changes? Is your spouse entitled to any of your benefits? We cover the topic of divorce and benefits in detail in this post.

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