The more you go to the hospital and the longer you stay in the hospital the better it is for your SSD case.

  • First if you stay overnight in the hospital you would miss days of work.  That can be used to prove how many days you would miss from a job due to your disability.
  • Second while you are in the hospital you have tests done that clearly prove you have the condition that you are trying to prove.
  • Third while you are in the hospital a different doctor treats you than your normal doctor. If this second doctor agrees with your regular doctor, this is a second opinion confirming your diagnosis.  Sometimes while in the hospital you see a doctor who is more specialized than your doctor. This also helps. F
  • Fourth going to the hospital and staying overnight shows your condition is worse than other claimants who have the same condition and don’t go to the hospital.


Imagine you are an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge). There are two claimants: one that has been in the hospital four times in the last two years and one that has not been in the hospital at all in the last two years. The ALJ will probable give the benefits to the person who was in the hospital in the last two years. This could be because there is a second opinion from an expert in the field about your condition.

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