There are many resources available to help you learn about the application or appeals process for SSD benefits. In my experience in specializing in Social Security Disability cases, the following items are misakes often made by SSD claimants when they are applying for benefits. Please take these into consideration:

  1. Don’t think that the people who work at the SSA are helping you. This is a job to them and their workplace is subject to the same problems as any other workplace.
  2. Don’t minimize the Standing and Walking requirements of your past jobs in the work history questionnaire. This could form the basis for determining if you can do your past work. In some situations, it is easier to win a case if your past work required more standing.
  3. Don’t let a third party fill out the third party questionnaire. I have never seen a judge use a third party questionnaire to help a claimant get SSD benefits. I have only seen judges use these to deny claimant’s benefits.
  4. Don’t assume the SSA will mail you back any documents you send to them. This is a very large organization and sometimes they don’t get them. Sometimes the people who work at the SSA just forget they said they were going to mail the documents back to you. They could be handling 500 files at any one given time.
  5. Don’t assume the SSA has obtained all of your medical records. They make their decision based on the records they have. The SSA sends out a request and they don’t necessarily follow-up if they records don’t come back in the mail.
  6. Don’t got to the Social Security doctor unless the rules require you to go. There are many rules about seeing a Social Security doctor. If the rules don’t require you to go then you don’t have to go.
  7. Don’t assume the correct person at the SSA received the mail you sent.
  8. Don’t give the SSA more information then you have to.
  9. Don’t assume that because you are very ill the SSA is going to feel sorry for you and help you.
  10. Don’t assume you know the Social Security rules.
  11. Don’t assume the SSA is answering your questions correctly.
  12. Don’t assume anything on the internet is accurate.
  13. Don’t work until you have been approved for Social Security benefits.
  14. Don’t assume the Social Security Administration is going to agree with your doctor.
  15. Don’t assume that because your doctor says you are disabled that the Social Security doctor will agree.
  16. Don’t assume that because you know you can’t work that the SSA is going to agree with you.
  17. Don’t assume that because you are terminally ill you are going to get SSD benefits.
  18. Don’t assume that because you can’t do your last job that you are disabled.
  19. Don’t assume the more information you give to the SSA the better.
  20. Don’t assume the SSA is going to understand why you had to go out of town.

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