How to File

i-File Social Security Disability SSI Benefits Claims

Experienced Assistance in Filing SSD or SSI Benefits Claims

Filing for SSD or SSI benefits can be a confusing and complicated task to face alone. With your financial well-being on the line, turning to an experienced lawyer for assistance in filing for benefits can be an effective strategy for ensuring a smooth and efficient approval. While no approval can be guaranteed, having legal counsel in your corner can serve to eliminate costly mistakes during the filing process, increasing your chances to avoid disqualification or a denial of benefits.

For nearly 25 years, the law office of Neil H. Good has offered caring and experienced legal assistance to clients in Chicago and throughout the suburbs. Widely experienced in offering guidance on the proper methods of filing for SSD or SSI benefits,
our firm takes great care to address your unique situation before offering advice on how best to file and which pitfalls to avoid while doing so.

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Personalized Advice on the Proper Filing for Your Specific Situation

Our attorney meets personally with every client in an effort to determine the best filing method for your situation. While it may seem trivial, the very method of filing can have an impact on your case and whether or not you are approved for assistance.

After discussing your disability or illness, our staff will offer advice on whether to file over the phone, online, or in person, carefully taking into account your disability and the impact the filing method can have on your chances for approval.

Helping You Avoid Costly Filing Mistakes

Making a mistake at any step in the filing process can lead to your claim being rejected, forcing you to start the process from the very beginning. Our staff works diligently to help you avoid costly mistakes, including providing too much, not enough, or inaccurate information. Avoiding mistakes at this early juncture can help to ensure a swift and efficient approval.

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