Disabled Children And Social Security Disability

Taking care of a disabled child can present many challenges for families with low income. Parents often struggle with providing the necessary medical care, physical therapy and other necessities that the child needs. However, Social Security Disability can provide families with that financial support.

Children from birth to 18 years old

When children are born with a mental or physical disability, or develop a condition during their childhood, parents may be able to qualify them for Supplemental Security Income. This program is designed to help children and their families receive the benefits they need. In order for a child to receive benefits, families must show the following:

The disability prevents the child from being fully engaged in life.

The child will struggle with the disability for no less than a year.

For the child disability fact sheet click here and contact us so we can help explain the benefits that your child may be eligible for.


Do Children Have a Better Chance of Getting Social Security Benefits?

Children have less of a chance of getting Social Security benefits, in many cases. They can get benefits, in some cases, but there are few instances where their conditions don’t improve over time and, when they do, they may no longer qualify for being disabled.

Children are given benefits based on the severity of their condition and the medications that they need.

ADHD is a common cause for giving children benefits. This is not always approved, however. Because the condition may improve and because it takes so long to get a hearing with a judge, the child has oftentimes improved markedly by the time the hearing becomes available.

The most common causes for children getting SSI benefits are:

•    ADHD
•    Asthma
•    Learning Impairments
•    Seizure Disorders

Teacher observations are sometimes used in assessing eligibility based on ADHD or learning disability claims.