Benefits for a Young Man with Multiple Impairments

Eric Olson, married with four children, was only 34 when multiple impairments left him unable to continue working. The high school graduate had worked at various jobs for 14 years, most recently in construction and housing rehabilitation, and he was eligible, in terms of employment and quarters needed, for Social Security Disability benefits. Olson retained Attorney Neil H. Good to represent him.

Olson suffered from multiple disorders and the effects of multiple injuries. He weighed more than 300 pounds and had been diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. He had been hospitalized twice for blood clotting disorders, for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in his arms, and for a pulmonary embolism. He suffered from severe migraines and went to the hospital about every other month for pain, nausea, and vomiting. He also suffered from recurrent MRSA infections and cellulitis, which had required the insertion of a PICC line, for intravenous access for an extended period of time.

Olson injured his right shoulder, which required arthroscopic surgery for impingement syndrome. A few years later he injured his left shoulder, which also needed surgery. Olson was left with limited range of motion in both shoulders, and he was unable to lift weight more than 8 pounds.

He had several surgeries on his left ankle and knee, plus had suffered a fracture of his left hip with impingement syndrome. He walked with a limp and his left ankle would give way, contributing to falls. Olson also had a herniated disk in his spine, which at the time of his hearing, needed surgery.

The Administrative Law Judge at his Social Security Administration hearing noted Olson’s multiple impairments, surgeries, hospitalizations, and ongoing treatment, as well as the daily activities report stating that he needed help from his family for personal care and getting up from a chair. The judge made a fully favorable decision and awarded Olson disability benefits.