What are the chances an applicant for Social Security Disability benefits will win approval?

Only about 1 in 3. Statistics show that at the initial application level, 36.3% of cases will be approved, while 63.7% will be denied. Should you ask for reconsideration, chances for approval are much, much worse: only 8.1% of those cases are approved.

However, having a SSD attorney in an applicant’s corner changes the odds — and tips them toward approval. Why? An attorney whose practice concentrates on Social Security Disability cases understands the complexities of this time-consuming process, knows what medical documentation is required, knows what can undermine a case and understands the deadlines involved.

No one can guarantee a favorable outcome, but chances of victory are significantly higher when a client has on his or her side an advocate well-versed in SSD law.

Has the case already been denied? At the Law Offices of Neil H. Good we take great pride in helping those whose cases have been rejected by the SSA to obtain the benefits rightly due them. And of course, we help people at all other levels of the process as well.

Circumstances in which we would not be able to help would involve:

  1. If the applicant is currently working.
  2. If the applicant is already receiving SSD benefits
  3. If the applicant is already working with an attorney
  4. Cases involving minors

For all other situations our firm is ready and willing to do a free case evaluation.  Need help, with an initial case or an appeal? Call today at #(847) 577-4476.  Remember, there’s no fee until you win.